My struggle to assimilate

September 18th, 2019, was my first day addressing myself as a United States Coast Guard veteran. No longer did I identify as, “Ashlee Leppert the Coast Guard flight mechanic and rescue flight crew member.” It was an odd feeling. From here, I continued to feel like a lost puppy. I was certainly thankful that I had my book, “The Hurricane Within”, to focus on, but the lack of structure would soon start to break me down. For many months following my medical retirement, my PTSD and anxiety were at an all-time high. I lost the community that became like family to me. Little did I realize, I was going about “life” all wrong. I prayed. I had a moment of clarity when I came to the conclusion that I was struggling with my identity, no longer being in the military. It was only when I realized my identity was in Jesus Christ and not of this world –– a whole new purpose and passion was revealed.

Written by : ashlee

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