This book is a MUST READ! It captivates you from the very beginning making it impossible to put down. You are truly walking right beside Ashlee as she tells her story about her journey through life in and out of the Coast Guard up to now. It is an absolute remarkable and beautiful story about and from a remarkable and beautiful woman!
Christopher Harward
This book is a must read! I immediately got sucked in and could not put the book down. Ashlee delves into her life in the Coast Guard, enduring the ramifications of hurricane Harvey, her battle an auto immune disease and how God brought her through the storms of life. Highly recommend this book!
This book is truly incredible! It’s a story of modern day heroism and perseverance. I love a good book about a strong woman overcoming adversity. Definitely recommend a read! Just awesome!
Rachel Genoune
Absolutely amazing! This girl is a true angel on earth. Her dedication to duty, her devotion to God, and her will to help others is undoubtedly reflected in this book. The Coast Guard tends to be a forgotten military service, and this book shows everyone that not only are they real heroes they continuously battle demons beyond the storm. I highly recommend this book and will definitely be rereading this again! Looking forward to more stories from our USCG shipmates!
Nicole Finley
Amazing story of FAITH!! What an outstanding testimony of the work that God had done in Ashlee’s life! I am grateful to know Ashlee and to have served with her. Reading about her experiences responding to Hurricane Harvey sent chills running down my spine. This book is a clear and descriptive look into the lives of Coasties and paints a truly realistic picture of what it’s like to serve our nation in the worst of circumstances. Hearing about Ashlee’s walk with God through her experiences is a shining light in a dark world! Read this book and know the truth and power of an actual and tangible relationship with a real and living God! I am proud to call you a friend Ashlee, and I am excited to watch our Father shine the Light and Truth of His Son Jesus through your selfless sacrifice! Stay the course!
Andrew Outlaw
A page-turner from the beginning, this book offers civilians a rare and insanely interesting peek into the high-risk world of the U.S. Coast Guard. The author, Ashlee, a flight mechanic, takes readers on a personal journey from the childhood events that produced her strong grit, spirit and faith to her minute-by-minute perilous accounts of rescuing victims of Hurricane Harvey. Amazed at the mind-blowing levels of bravery exhibited, I couldn’t help but read several parts out loud to my husband. We ultimately gained a new respect for this often overlooked branch of our military.
Ashlee is a true inspiration and her story was absolutely captivating! A true testament of her faith, her character, and “devotion to duty”. The Hurricane Within puts you in the middle of some of the most challenging search and rescue cases and highlights the bravery of these men and women. I couldn’t put this book down and highly recommend it to all! Proud to have it in my library!

To put it simply, I loved this book. While I have the utmost respect for all branches of the military, Ashlee gives a closer look into the coast guard and how her bravery and faith in God prevails when her body fails her. A must read.

Lisa MacDonald
The Hurricane Within is best-selling bound! Ashlee relates her most personal, physical issues as well as the relentless, emotional dilemmas associated with the Hurricane Harvey rescue. This book is a look at an exceptional woman who humbly dives into the eyes of a CG flight mechanic and every obstacle/blessing that comes with it. Complete page turner, tear jerker and eye opener all in one. An absolute must read!
Lindsey K
Ashley’s book is a great read and look into the person she is and the hero’s that are out there! She dives into the dangers of a coast guards life, but still keeps it light due to her crazy fun personality. I loved reading about her trials in life, and how God got her through! 😘😍 god bless you Ashlee and all of your fellow coast guards, much love Chi
Kristie Slavic
I’ve known Ashlee for a couple years as a co-worker. So I feel like I only knew half this story. What she has done in her career is incredible even by a Coast Guard standard. Reading her story and the adversity she has been through to become the hero that she is makes this book that much more compelling and amazing.
This is an excellent read. Ashlee shares how her faith guided her through her own struggles and led her to serve her country, saving lives and helping those who needed it most during the devastating Hurricane Harvey. Her inspiring story is one to be shared and celebrated. You’ll be glad that you read this book.
Brad Atkins
WOW! I cannot put this book down! Everything the writer talks about you can picture in your head. Very vivid! My heart pounded as for what she went thru and experienced. 5 star for sure and cannot wait for the next book!
Julie Rabhi
This book gave me goose bumps, made me cry, and had me waiting for what was going to happen next! Very well written from someone who was right there in the action. Thank you so much for your service and for sharing your experiences. God bless the Author!
A truly inspirational story of courage, self reflection and the power of prayer. Ashlee is a remarkable woman and a testament to perseverance and faith through life’s most difficult moments. I literally never put the book down. This is a must read!
Eileen Codelka
The Hurricane Within is an inside look at what a life of public service entails. The ups, downs and everything in between. Would highly recommend picking up a copy if you’re looking for a book that will keep you engaged from cover to cover. I would also recommend this book to young women who are thinking of pursuing a career in the military.
Erika Roberts

Iron Sharpens Iron 2021 Keynote Speaker

“Ashlee was the perfect speaker to engage and inspire our members.  She has an incredible ability to combine vulnerability and humor to connect to her audience.  Through her story and conviction our people were challenged to take action and live a life of impact and significance!” – Will Cagle, Team National

Will Cagle
Team National

Destin, Florida Military Affairs Committee Guest Speaker October 2021

“Ms. Ashlee Leppert  (U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Second Class) was highly recommended to me as a guest speaker to the Destin Fl. Military Affairs Council (MAC).  She graciously agreed to speak and the result was a standing ovation from the audience. Her presentation was polished and engaging. She told of the challenging life situations that led to her enlistment in the United States Coast Guard and then about achieving her career goals, as a Flight Mechanic and subsequently, as a Flight Mechanic Instructor. Her adventures in performing her duties were remarkable and captivating.  Her confident, inspirational performance in front of the audience created exactly the atmosphere I was hoping for and her story touched our hearts as well.  The audience members stayed and engaged her after the MAC meeting was adjourned. The high recommendation that I received was entirely justified. I greatly recommend her as a guest speaker to any audience. I am a retired  Air Force Colonel and business owner in the Destin/Emerald Coast area of Florida. ” – Kim M. Wintner, Col. USAF (ret.), Chairman, Destin MAC, Vice Chairman, Emerald Coast MAC


Kim Wintner

Brookdale Senior Living Guest Speaker June 2021

Ashlee Leppert Author“Ashlee Leppert has met my highest standard and expectation of public speaking and storytelling and is an exceptional candidate for a role as a presenter.” – Adam Grobmyer, Brookdale Senior Living

Adam Grobmyer
Brookdale Senior Living

Pagosa Springs, Colorado Library Guest Speaker – Host Librarian Brad Glover

“During our recent author visit collaboration, I was impressed with Ashlee’s ability to process difficult questions and succinctly answer them. She is a great communicator.  I was also very impressed by her level of preparation and professional demeanor. It is clear that Ashlee possesses the right technical skills to complete a wide range of tasks, but she is also a leader, a motivator, and a positive influence that will benefit those around her.” – Brad Glover, Adult Services and Tech Librarian, Ruby M Sisson Memorial Library, Pagosa Springs, CO

Brad Glover

“She is friendly, kind, gracious, and humble….”

“Ashlee Leppert spoke at our Women’s Conference April 13, 2024.  When I first met Ashlee in person as we set up things for the conference, I was practically star-struck.  She has an awesome presence but at the same time, she is like you have known her for years.  She is friendly, kind, gracious, and humble.  Ashlee brought what the Lord had laid on her heart for the ladies in attendance.  It was presented in an organized and transparent manner, which is not an easy task with a room full of strangers.  Her attitude in sharing her life story from her personal life to her Coast Guard career was so captivating and touched our hearts.  Also, she presented God’s Word with dignity, knowledge, and a heartfelt love. Ashlee spoke personally to as many ladies as time allowed during the conference with great compassion and care.  Ashlee is a phenomenal speaker and it was an honor to have her at our conference.  We appreciate her service to the Coast Guard and especially her service to her Lord.” Stacey C.

Stacey C.
Roaches Cove Women's Conference