Healing the Hurricane Inspirational Life Coaching

I think we can all agree that life gets tough. And sometimes, it flat out kicks you on your butt. Let me tell you this, you are NOT alone!

Congratulations on taking the first step to transforming your life!

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What is life coaching? The art of coaching helps people discover their purpose and align their lives with it. That may include goal setting, processing trauma, self-discovery, reframing thinking, all working towards two things: creating a better future and a better life today!

My goals as your life coach

  • Help you reach your potential and overcome struggles by helping you identify the road blocks that are slowing your success
  • Lead with compassion by offering a judgement-free and 100% confidential space for you to share the internal struggles you are facing
  • Do everything within my power to help you regain a healthy overall well-being and reach your life goals

What qualifies me as a certified life coach?

  • Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Crisis Counseling
  • Mental Health Coaching Certification
  • Life Coaching Certification
  • Veteran with 14 years active-duty helicopter flight mechanic and rescue crew member
  • Personal loss of both parents, autoimmune diagnosis, sexual assault survivor, and various storms of life that I have been able to gain a unique insight about and build resiliency that I want to share with my clients
  • The ability to create a bond with each client based on trust, compassion, empathy, and the greatest of these, love

Thank you for trusting me to encourage you through the hurricanes of life!