“Ashlee Leppert spoke at our Women’s Conference April 13, 2024.  When I first met Ashlee in person as we set up things for the conference, I was practically star-struck.  She has an awesome presence but at the same time, she is like you have known her for years.  She is friendly, kind, gracious, and humble.  Ashlee brought what the Lord had laid on her heart for the ladies in attendance.  It was presented in an organized and transparent manner, which is not an easy task with a room full of strangers.  Her attitude in sharing her life story from her personal life to her Coast Guard career was so captivating and touched our hearts.  Also, she presented God’s Word with dignity, knowledge, and a heartfelt love. Ashlee spoke personally to as many ladies as time allowed during the conference with great compassion and care.  Ashlee is a phenomenal speaker and it was an honor to have her at our conference.  We appreciate her service to the Coast Guard and especially her service to her Lord.” Stacey C.